Independently Drawn Winners

As Competition Managers we ensure the integrity of our prize draws by coordinating an unbiased draw process which utilises a completely random, electronic draw system and two separate independent administrators. Our prize draws are conducted as follows:


  1. Every competition draw is coordinated by us, the Competition Managers, on the draw date published in the terms and conditions of the respective competition.
  2. All valid entries into the competition are entered into a completely random electronic drawing system, operated by 2 independent administrators, who return to us a shortlist of 5 possible winners.
  3. We allocate each entry in the shortlist a random entrant identifier to be used for the final winner selection. This is completed and documented electronically before the final winner is drawn.
  4. To ensure the integrity of our draws, a separate independent administrator will then randomly draw the winning entrant identifier, although they will not know who the actual winner is until we match this identifier to the winning entrant.
  5. We will attempt to contact our winning entrant via telephone in the first instance. In any case, the prize cheque will automatically be delivered to the winner’s prize address, as disclosed when registering their prize entry, by recorded delivery within 3 days of the draw date.